David Fischler, MD -- NLTP services used: Personal Training & AdvoCare.

"Over four years ago, I developed severe back pain with numbness in one of my legs. It became clear that I needed to do something to recover and prevent it from happening again. A friend of mine told me about Adam and once I was ready, he started training me on a regular basis. Since then, I have not had one episode of back pain; as he built up my core stability and overall strength. His workouts are always different and leave me exhausted. I am lucky to have met him because I am in better shape now than I have been in about 10 years. Adam is also encouraging me to eat healthy and to set new fitness goals for this year."

Thanks to my parents Michael & Daria for their continued support! -- Adam D'Agostino

Andrew Caraballo -- NLTP services used: Athlete Coaching (Triathlon), Nutrition Planning, Online Training Programs, AdvoCare.
“I discovered Adam and Next Level as I searched for some answers after barely finishing Ironman 70.3 Syracuse, which took me 8 hours and 16 minutes. I wasn't sure if I was going to take on another race of that distance because I just felt that maybe this wasn't the sport for me, even though I loved participating. Starting with our first phone call on day one, I knew that I would be in good hands with Coach Dags! Adam has helped me re-shape my fitness to achieve personal goals I set for myself. His customized training plan, which he designed specifically for me, not only put me across the finish line of another half-Ironman, but TWO more in 2018, including a personal record of 5 hours and 53 minutes in Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City. As a finale for the year, he was able to coach and guide me to my first full Ironman finish in Haines City, Florida! Adam is always able to adjust my workouts on the fly and understands just how much to push me, while making sure I get the rest I need for recovery. I am definitely looking forward to what next year has in store, as I am now a loyal client of Next Level Training & Performance!”


Tim Cross -- NLTP services used: Athlete Coaching (Triathlon) & Online Training Programs.

"I came into contact with Adam last year while preparing for Ironman Wisconsin (my first 140.6 race). Coming off an injury, my fitness level was really starting to call into question whether I would be ready to tackle an Ironman in just a little over 3 months. Adam met with me to discuss my goals and we immediately decided to move forward with his athlete coaching services. He structured workouts and a training plan that not only got me ready for Wisconsin, but allowed me to beat my goal time by almost an hour! Adam also worked out a schedule that allowed me to train around a busy lifestyle with work and travel. He was always willing to adjust my plan based on my ever-changing schedule. I am looking forward to training with Adam again this season in preparation for Ironman Lake Placid, as I hope to take another hour off my time."

Lisa Sobel, DMD -- NLTP services used: Personal Training & Online Training Programs.

"I started training with Adam approximately four years ago. At that time, I had neck and shoulder pain and I felt lethargic and weak. I was also fearful that exercise would intensify the pain I was experiencing. Years prior, I had a series of three cervical epidurals and regularly went for physical therapy. Weekly massage therapy helped; however, I still felt weak and tired. A friend referred me to Adam and he has helped me so much! I have noticed significant improvements in my muscle tone and stability. I have more energy and I feel so much stronger. My neck and shoulder pain is virtually gone and I don't need to go for massage on a weekly basis. Adam creates a unique program for each of his clients to help them achieve their goals in a safe and fun manner. Furthermore, he has knowledge that other personal trainers typically do not possess."

There is no better feeling than seeing our clients & athletes achieve their goals!

Tracy Kochian -- NLTP services used: Personal Training, Athlete Coaching (Triathlon), Nutrition Planning, Online Training Programs, AdvoCare, & Semi-Private Training.

"Adam’s distinct determination and drive to take every performance to the next level has motivated me to live a more active life, with a structured focus on my training and competing. Day by day, whether it's a swim, bike, run, or strength workout, Adam’s words of advice and encouragement stick with me, along with his motivation and support. His knowledge of the human body and its mechanics, his ability to make even the hardest workouts or sessions seem doable (which they always are), along with his personal competition experience, all resulted in a first place finish for me in my very first triathlon. 

Over the years, Adam has trained me for countless running races and triathlons, and I can assure you that his integrity is unmatched. As an Ironman finisher himself, he is inspirational, respectable, and relatable; qualities every leader needs to be successful."

Kristen Ecklord -- NLTP services used: Personal Training, Athlete Coaching (AquaBike), Nutrition Planning, Online Training Programs, & AdvoCare. 

"Adam has taught me so much about everything--from nutrition to fitness to competing in AquaBike races--that I don’t even know where to begin! Let’s start with nutrition...he taught me how to fuel my body properly and get into the habit of eating healthy. Planning daily meals became much easier with the help of the AdvoCare 24-day Challenge. Now I have a more balanced diet than ever before and I feel great! Adam even answers all of my questions about food options when I am eating out and he guides me in making the best choices. 

Regarding fitness...I thought I knew how to workout before I met Adam, but I was constantly getting injured and became so frustrated. Then I started personal training with him -- the workouts are always exciting and varied; I never do the same workout twice. More importantly, Adam has been able to work around several injuries I've had outside of training (including knee surgery and a broken finger). He also taught me the importance of flexibility and how to stretch properly after my workouts. Also, while following his online training program, I know exactly what I'm doing when I go to the gym on my own. Now, my entire body is stronger than ever!

Finally, Adam inspired me to compete in AquaBike races and taught me how to achieve goals I didn’t think were possible. He set up a customized online training program for me (which I followed diligently) and I did awesome at my first Olympic-distance race! Not only did Adam get me ready for the swim & bike portion, but he also gave me detailed tutorials on all aspects of preparing for a race -- pre-race nutrition, what gear I needed to bring, and how to be quick in transition. I felt very confident in all of my races this past year and I also had a lot of fun competing, especially when I came in 2nd place at my last race! Adam also motivated my kids to get started in triathlons!!! Bottom line, start training with Adam -- his knowledge, motivation, and training will help improve your life in so many ways!"